There’s no doubt that children are learning and developing their minds as they’re engaging in academic study at school. But what kinds of benefits are they getting as they engage in play during recess on the playground equipment? How important is this time, as compared to time spent in the classroom?

Much More Than a Break

Naturally, it makes sense that children need a break from the academic challenges they face during class time. Having that much-needed break helps children concentrate and focus better when it’s time to hit the books again. It provides for a classroom with fewer disruptions because they’ve had a time to burn excess energy and catch a breath of fresh air.

But recess provides far more than just a much-needed break. Did you know that recess in a safe and engaging environment can provide a learning and growing experience that’s just as necessary as time in the books?

Physical Benefits of Recess

Most people recognize that recess time can provide physical benefits for children as they get out of their seats and expend energy in exercise. This is so important, especially since obesity in children has become an increasing issue in the last number of years. This physical activity can also help prevent diabetes as well as high cholesterol. The opportunity to run, jump, climb, crawl and swing gets their hearts pumping and bodies moving, all the while improving lung and heart function.

Social Benefits of Recess

Recess allows children the time and space to interact with each other and grow in their social skills. Rather than sitting through a structured class, recess provides the opportunity for children to learn to communicate with each other, respect each other, solve problems together, take turns, resolve conflict, share, and more. During recess time, children often establish friendships that last for years, maybe even a lifetime.

Emotional Benefits of Recess

Recess time is an excellent time for children to have the freedom to express themselves and become more confident as they practice skills and discover their abilities. Playtime has also been shown by research to be an excellent way for emotions to be released after hardships or trauma in a child’s life.

Cognitive Benefits of Recess

At Go Play, we know how much work goes into creating playgrounds that stimulate a child’s brain. Recess out on the playground is an excellent atmosphere for children to learn to problem solve, develop reasoning skills, and practice controlling themselves in their thoughts and actions. While some may believe that the interruption of structured classroom study for play shortens cognitive learning time, it’s actually a great place for children to practice the skills they’ve been learning without even realizing that’s what’s happening. And as already mentioned previously, a child is able to focus and concentrate much better when they have had the time to take a break for free play.

Kids Need Recess!

This article hits on just a few of the benefits children (and even their teachers as a result) can experience when they have the opportunity to enjoy free play. You can learn more about the benefits of recess here. 

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