Looking to upgrade your commercial park or play environment with Colorado playground furnishings or sports equipment? Want to match your furnishings to your playground? We can help!

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Make Your Play Environment More Complete with Playground Furnishings and Sports Equipment

Benches, bike racks, picnic tables, bbq grills, trash receptacles, and other amenities help make every outdoor experience more convenient, comfortable and accessible. You’ll extend the time of play by making your play environment more inviting for each individual. Adding activity options also appeals to older children, creating an environment for everyone to have fun.

We offer a wide assortment of amenity styles, sizes, mounting options, and prices.

Playground Furnishing Products

Below are a few examples of the types of furnishings and sports equipment we offer. Contact us today for additional options.

Picnic Tables

Bike RAcks

Pool Furnishings

Sports Equipment

Dog Parks

Trash & Recycling Receptacles

Furnishings Catalog

Looking for a full product offering for 2024? Take a look at the product catalog for site furnishings by Superior Recreational Products.

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