Commercial playgrounds can be a great place for kids and families to play, but they also need to be maintained regularly. A playground that isn’t maintained can be dangerous and put kids at risk—not to mention the liability you might face if anything were to happen. Playground equipment in Northern Colorado is subjected to a wide variety of natural elements, ranging from winter snow storms to spring wind and summer sun. Take preventative action to maintain your playground and keep it in top shape. Here are six top tips for maintaining your commercial playground.

maintaining your commercial playground colorado playgroundsInspect the Equipment Regularly

It’s no secret that kids are rough on playground equipment. Something that was working well one day can be broken the next. The most basic form of commercial playground maintenance is to simply inspect the equipment regularly. Walk around the playground and on top of the structures to look for anything that is broken, worn down, or loose. Look for anything out of the ordinary or small cracks that could turn into larger problems. Inspecting the playground at least a few times a week will help you stay on top of repairs and fix any concerns before they become more dangerous issues. Click here for a playground inspection checklist.

Remove Trash and Debris

Trash and debris can make a playground unsafe and cause tripping and slipping issues. Large debris like tree limbs can potentially hurt children and create an unsafe environment. Remove trash and debris from the playground every day. This is especially important after a storm to ensure that debris didn’t damage the equipment or create other hazards.

Ensure Surfaces are Even

Look down—one of the most dangerous areas for a commercial playground is the ground. Uneven surfaces can create tripping hazards. No matter if the ground of your playground is gravel, wood chips, or rubber mulch, check to make sure there aren’t any holes or gaps in the material. Spread out the surfaces to cover any holes and add more material as needed. Make sure the surface has enough cushion to minimize injuries if a child falls or trips. As time goes on, synthetic material can condense and lose its cushion, and loose surfaces like wood fiber can become displaced over time and require replenishment.

Clear Drains

Flooded areas can create playground hazards and attract bugs that spread diseases. Make sure all drains around the playground are free from debris so that water can flow freely. While you’re cleaning the drains, make sure there are grates covering any opening to prevent children from falling in or getting stuck.

Check Landscaping

Low-hanging tree branches and unruly bushes can be harmful to kids. Maintain your playground by trimming the landscaping regularly. Clean landscaping reduces the risk of kids tripping over branches and creates a clean and welcome feel. While checking the landscaping, look for any signs of bees, critters, or pests living around the playground and get rid of the problem quickly. Click here for more ways to update the landscaping.

Update Equipment Seasonally

Playgrounds should be updated as the weather changes. During the winter months, you may need to take down shade canopies so they don’t get worn and damaged. When inspecting the playground, look for icy areas or snow buildup. During the summer months, check that the equipment isn’t too hot and that there aren’t hazards in the sandbox.

Maintenance is key to creating a welcoming commercial playground. By staying on top of issues and taking preventative action, your playground can be safe and inviting for kids of all ages.

Help with Your Playground

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