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Colorado Springs Playground Equipment

Looking for Colorado Springs playground equipment for a commercial playground install? Playgrounds are a great way to bring together people and families in the community and provide a place where kids of all ages can play together. Unlike some other community resources, playgrounds are free and open to everyone. Colorado Springs is known for being a family-friendly place, in part because of its great outdoor activities and playgrounds. Adding commercial playground equipment to parks, schools, and other places only adds to the city’s offerings.


Designing a playground and finding the right equipment is an important part of creating a playground for a school or community park, but the process can appear overwhelming. From a husband and wife team that offers high-quality Colorado Springs playground equipment, here is a guide you may find helpful.

colorado playground equipment with bubble wall


When looking at playground equipment, consider first how it will be used. Is the equipment for a school, church, business, or community playground? The purpose of the playground will help determine the size and design of the equipment.


There are many options for playground equipment, ranging from low cost to much higher costs. Obviously, smaller playground equipment tends to be less expensive than larger structures. Whether you choose to save money by purchasing smaller equipment or spend more with a larger playground, know that all of our play equipment is commercial-grade and made with high-quality materials. Our equipment is durable, meaning when you purchase from Go Play, you know you’ve made an investment that can remain safe for years to come, no matter who plays on it.


Lot Size and Topography

One of the first considerations when choosing Colorado Springs playground equipment is the lot size and topography. A larger lot obviously has room for larger equipment that can be spread out more, while a smaller lot may be limited in what type of playground equipment will fit in the space. Look at how many children can play at once on each piece of commercial playground equipment to maximize your space.


The topography is also a factor. Start by finding a relatively flat area for the playground or an area where the land can be leveled. Grading the land can be expensive and add to the time and money required to build the playground, but in many cases, it can lead to safer and more durable play structures in the long run. When considering the location for a playground, look at the soil structure and drainage. Just because the land is flat doesn’t always mean it’s necessarily an ideal location for a play structure. It could be home to loose soil or be where the water pools when it rains. Before investing in installing the play equipment, ensure that the land is prepared with a solid foundation and drainage system.


Durability and Safety

All playground equipment should be durable, but consider how often it will be used. Commercial playground equipment for schools needs to be incredibly durable because it is used by potentially hundreds of kids for hours every day. Commercial playground equipment manufacturers like those used by Go Play must follow national playground safety standards for every aspect of the playground. Safety is a top priority for Go Play, and every piece of equipment meets or exceeds safety recommendations.


As opposed to residential playground equipment, commercial playgrounds are designed and built to be used by multiple children at once. That means they are bigger, stronger, and more expensive. They also use sturdier playground equipment material. Instead of weaker lumber, Go Play commercial-grade equipment is made of heavy-duty metals and plastics. Every aspect of the playground material, even down to the size of the swing sets chains, impacts the durability and safety of the playground equipment.

jungle gym playground equipment coloradoAccessibility

Accessibility is an important consideration for all playgrounds. The equipment should include features that can be used by all children, no matter the varying physical or sensory ability. Commercial playgrounds must be ADA-compliant and include features that make them accessible for everyone.


Accessible features can include ramps for wheelchairs, as well as other equipment that can be used by children with varying abilities. Playground surfaces need to be accessible so that children in wheelchairs or children who have differing walking abilities can get to the play equipment. Go Play works with its customers to design playgrounds that are fun, safe, and accessible. Features like activity panels, rings, and tube talk systems add accessible elements for all children while still maintaining equipment that is fun and challenging for children of all ability levels.



Aside from being accessible for children of all abilities, commercial and school playgrounds also need to include age-appropriate skills. Consider the ages of the children who will be using the equipment. A playground at a preschool shouldn’t have equipment that is designed for children in elementary school, just like a playground for tweens shouldn’t have equipment designed for toddlers. Playgrounds with age-appropriate skill levels offer fun, memorable, and developmental experiences.

separated age appropriate playgrounds

Most commercial spaces aren’t designed for a single age group. Instead, they need to be accessible and offer age-appropriate skills for a wide range of children, from toddlers to middle schoolers. When that’s the case, consider how to include equipment that meets everyone’s needs. Some playgrounds opt for multiple play areas, each designed with progressively challenging events. Others install a larger play structure that has something for everyone. No matter what option you choose, ensure that the equipment is labeled with the intended age range to encourage children to use the right equipment for their age and size.


Environment and Climate

Active children can take a toll on playground equipment, but the climate and environment is the biggest factor in equipment wearing down and getting damaged. Commercial playground equipment needs to withstand the elements. Consider the environment around the playground—are there trees or bushes nearby that could drop debris on the equipment and create a hazard? Is the playground in an area with high winds that could damage the equipment and make it unsafe to play or change how children use the space? Is there water nearby that could make the equipment slippery and necessitate extra traction on the play structures?


In Colorado Springs, one of the biggest things to consider is the snow. Playground equipment should be designed to withstand large amounts of snow, which can easily become wet and heavy. It might not be a consideration in all other parts of the country, but a playground in Colorado needs to withstand heavy winter storms. On the other side, Colorado also gets hot in the summer, so the equipment needs to be able to be safe and enjoyable without getting too hot. Consider the location of trees in the area and other sources of shade and add shade shields and structures as needed to create a cooler and safer environment.



Perhaps one of the most fun things to consider for your Colorado Springs playground equipment when designing a playground is the theme. Play structures come in huge variety of themes, from basic bright colors to pirate ships, farms, outer space, and more. The theme of the playground should be engaging for children and accessible to all ages and cultures. Many communities choose to build playgrounds with themes that reflect the local environment. A commercial playground in Colorado Springs, for instance, may have a mountain theme or be designed to look like sand dunes or a raging river. Other places in the world may have different cultural or geographic features to include in their play structure designs.

tan, brown, and green themed playground equipment by grounds for play

Choose a theme that is open-ended enough that children can still use their imaginations to play in a variety of ways. Consider how different ages of children will interact with the theme and ensure that it will stand the test of time and not be outdated in a few years. Most popular elements of commercial play equipment, including stepping stones, storefronts, and rock-climbing walls, can be adapted to fit almost any theme.


Building a playground in Colorado Springs is a great addition to schools and communities. Although there are many things to consider when designing and creating a commercial playground, Go Play, Inc can help you through every step of the process to create a durable playground that will be fun for Colorado Springs families for years to come.