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Cheyenne Playground Equipment

Every day around the world, children of all ages play on playground equipment. Playgrounds are a great way to bring communities together and provide a place for children and families to gather to move their bodies, be outside, and enjoy spending time together.

Cheyenne is known for being a family-friendly town and for having great places for children of all ages to play. Community playgrounds at schools, churches, daycare centers, and many other locations serve local neighborhoods and are a great resource for the community to enjoy. Unlike some other family entertainment and recreation services, most community playgrounds are open to everyone and provide a great gathering spot.

A new playground is a great addition to the Cheyenne community. When planning and designing a commercial playground, there are many things to consider. These heavy-duty playgrounds will provide entertainment to kids for years to come, so designing and installing them is an involved and important process. There are many things to think about when planning a playground, but here are five important parts of Cheyenne playground equipment.

equipment for commercial playgroundsSafety

More than anything else, commercial playground equipment in Cheyenne, Wyoming needs to be safe and durable. The goal is to have children playing safely on the equipment for decades to come, and with countless children playing every day, the equipment has to be able to withstand heavy use. Anyone who has been in Cheyenne for Frontier Days knows how busy the town can get, and commercial playground equipment needs to withstand use from even the biggest crowds.

Commercial playground equipment is much safer and more durable than equipment that is designed for private use in residential backyards. Commercial playground equipment manufacturers like those used by Go Play must follow the National Playground Safety Standards to ensure their equipment is incredibly safe and durable. Every aspect of a commercial playground has to follow safety standards. Even the smallest mistake could make the entire structure unsafe and make it unavailable to be sold or installed. Safety is a top priority for Go Play, and every piece of equipment meets or exceeds safety recommendations.

Common safety features of commercial playground equipment include using commercial-grade materials, including strong metal and plastics instead of lumber which is prone to splintering and decaying. The surface of the playground must be made of protective materials that absorb shock, screws and bolts must be installed correctly so clothing and other items don’t snag, and platforms should be generally flat, just to name a few. There are numerous safety considerations commercial playground equipment must follow to be compliant and within the guidelines.

suppliers for playground equipment coloradoAccessibility

Commercial playground equipment for schools is intended to be used by every child, no matter the range of physical or sensory abilities.

Go Play works with its customers to design playgrounds that are fun, safe, and accessible. Features like activity panels, rings, and tube talk systems add accessible elements for all children while still maintaining equipment that is challenging enough to be fun for children of all ability levels.

Commercial playgrounds should also be accessible to all ages and activity levels and have age-appropriate skills. That means that school playgrounds may have different equipment for children of different ages and skill levels, such as one structure for younger children and another structure for older children to match their developmental needs.

ship-inspired playground by go playTheme

One of the more fun aspects of commercial playground equipment is the theme. Because playgrounds are designed with children in mind, they are created to let imaginations run wild and foster creativity. Commercial playground equipment is available in a wide variety of themes, from basic bright colors for a blank slate of imagination to region-specific themes. In Cheyenne, commercial playground equipment could be themed around cowboys or local livestock. Structures can also have themes that reflect different areas of the world or things like farms, space travel, or animals.

The theme should be fun and engaging for children while still be open-ended enough to encourage free play. No matter the theme, many elements of commercial playground equipment stay the same but are just designed slightly differently to match the theme. A rock-climbing wall, for instance, may lead to a group of trees to climb in a forest-themed playground or a bridge to cross in a castle-themed playground. Commercial playground companies like Go Play Playgrounds have a wide variety of themes to consider for your commercial playground.

playground shade structuresCanopies and Shade Structures

The shade structures and canopies of commercial playground equipment protect children from the elements. In Cheyenne, a canopy blocks the sun during the summer and blocks the wind and snow during the colder winter months. Canopies and shade structures make the playground experience much more pleasant for children by providing them areas to play out of the elements. Instead of being in straight sun the entire time they are playing, a canopy can provide respite from the sun. Canopies also create shade, which can stop the equipment from getting so hot during the hot summer months. Canopies also protect the playground equipment from the elements. Equipment that is in direct sunlight will likely fade faster than equipment that is under some kind of covering. Similarly, equipment that is covered in snow all winter may start to age faster.

A canopy is especially important in new playgrounds that may not have large, mature trees yet to provide shade. Canopies and other shade structures can also provide shade and protection for parents and caretakers who are watching their children play. Many commercial playgrounds include some kind of covering over the sitting area that gives adults and kids a chance to rest in the shade.

Commercial playground manufacturers can recommend the right canopy for your project. There are numerous types available, ranging from commercial-grade fabric shades that can be layered or strung from high points on the structure to plastic coverings that act as pavilions over certain parts of the play structure. The entire area doesn’t need to be covered by a canopy, but it can be a great addition to the playground to protect the structure and its users.

grounds for play commercial playgroundsSurface

To meet safety regulations, commercial playground equipment must be over a protective, impact-attenuating surface. A commercial playground company won’t install a playground on top of dirt or grass without any additional covering because it isn’t compliant for fall height attenuation and doesn’t provide a soft and even surface for children to play. The most likely injury a child will receive on a playground is from falling hard on the surface. The surface doesn’t need to completely eliminate the chance of a child getting hurt, but it needs to provide a cushion of some sort to help break their fall and prevent more serious injuries.

The surface under the playground equipment is important for a number of reasons: it provides an even surface for children to run and play. A commercial playground surface will be used by everyone from toddlers just learning to walk to elderly adults following their grandchildren around the playground. For that reason, it needs to be safe, durable, and accessible.

Appropriate surfacing that meets safety standards includes poured-in-place surfacing, wood chips, engineered fiber, and other protective materials. Surfaces that don’t meet safety standards include asphalt, concrete, and grass. When choosing a surface, consider the usage of the playground and how the surface will wear over time, as well as the climate and geographic features. Other considerations include the cost and life space of the material. There are pros and cons to every type of surface, and what works for one commercial playground may not be a good fit for a playground across town. A qualified commercial playground installer can make recommendations for the best type of surface for your commercial playground.

Cheyenne playground equipment provides opportunities for community members to come together and enjoy time together in the beautiful sun and surroundings of Wyoming. A commercial playground is a great addition to the community, and commercial playground companies like Go Play can provide recommendations to ensure a new playground matches the needs of the community.

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