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Go Play, Inc. phone number 970-368-5554

Boulder Playground Equipment

Go Play, Inc offers quality Boulder playground equipment for commercial playgrounds throughout the area. Go Play’s playground structures are made to engage children in numerous ways, leading to better development indicators and creating a way for children to have fun and to be themselves. Engaging playgrounds attract families from the community and create a safe and nurturing social space where kids can meet each other, share experiences, and even begin lifelong friendships.

Go Play has installed top-quality, interactive playgrounds throughout Colorado, from Boulder to Colorado Springs to Cheyenne, Wyoming. We offer site furnishings, safety services, shade structures, and other products for play areas, offering children everything they need to have fun and stay safe. 

If you need playground equipment in Boulder for your community, contact Go Play to see how we can help.

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Why Quality Boulder Playground Equipment is Necessary

Families in and around Boulder need playground equipment in their community that fosters free play and an alternative to endless hours spent in front of screens. Most parents agree that access to a safe and stimulating play space is crucial to give kids a chance to use their seemingly boundless energy in creative ways. In addition to that, playgrounds can actually give children even more advantages in their development than you might realize.

Many parents worry that their child is spending too much time in front of screens. According to a recent PEW study, kids 13 and up spend an average of nine hours a day online, while kids between eight and 12 spend about six hours, and children younger than eight spend about 50 minutes a day online. One way parents can encourage alternatives to screen time is to offer children activities where they can engage with other children and expand their creativity. 

Playgrounds have also been known to give children the chance to practice life skills they’ll need later in a fun, no-pressure environment. Think back to when you first learned skills like leadership, social interaction, sharing, and conflict resolution. Very likely, some of those lessons started on the playground. Playgrounds also foster brain function, language skills, and encourage children to use their minds as well as their bodies to have fun with different types of play equipment.

Particularly in the vibrant community of Boulder and the surrounding area, giving children the chance to play outside with others is a crucial part of their development.

Boulder Kids Needs Playground Equipment for Recess

We as adults know full well the mental and physical benefits of taking a break now and then. For kids, the positives of using playground equipment during recess may be even greater for them than many may realize. The more kids in Northern Colorado who have access to quality playground equipment at school, the more the education system benefits. A safe, challenging play structure gives young students a chance to release all that pent-up energy from being in the classroom and interact with each other beyond their desks. A break for play helps them to reengage and focus when it’s time to hit the books again in class.

Go Play has installed state-of-the-art playground equipment for many schools in Northern Colorado. We know how important creating safe places for kids to play is, particularly at school.

Go Play’s Quality Products

Go Play is proud to offer Boulder quality playground equipment from Superior Playgrounds and Grounds for Play, manufacturers that are both committed to providing children with unique play experiences using their quality products.

superior recreational productsSuperior Playgrounds offers a wide variety of modern play structures for nearly any budget and playground design. A few of the features their products offer include quality galvanized steel tubing and a patented “Flo-Coat” triple-coat corrosion protection finish. In addition, Superior Playgrounds adds a weather-shield component to their materials for an extra layer of protection from the elements that often cause damage to Northern Colorado playground equipment. All the metal materials Superior Playgrounds uses are proven to be unmatched in strength and durability. Superior Playgrounds offers a five-year fade resistance warranty on all their powder-coated metal posts. They offer recycled plastic posts as well.

Go Play is the exclusive Grounds for Play design consultant for Colorado. Grounds for Play creates unique play environments for children of all kinds. Grounds for Play and Go Play can set up unique play environments focusing on many different types of child development, emphasizing physical, musical, artistic, dramatic, and natural playground themes and even outdoor classrooms.

Through a partnership with these amazing manufacturers,  Go Play is able to provide Boulder with playground equipment that is perfect for the needs of any community.

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